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You did a great job with the voice of Cyndi asking the Sunday School teacher her questions. It seemed very real.
The sudden turn of topics caught me a little off-guard, but you brought it back together again. You did a good job explaining the harshness of the world in which we live.
Great dialogue and lesson.
This wise mom took advantage of a teachable moment with her daughter. Nice illustration of how God often humbles those of us who get "too big for our britches."
Very nice example of pride and big britches!
You've shown how a loving parent can sense there's "more to the story" then what their child is initially telling. You've also shown how a child's mind can work when learning to trust an adult with their genuine thoughts and concerns
I enjoyed how you wove the "big britches" through this. :) I could just hear little Cyndi with all her questions. (so typical of kids and can be trying for adults as you illustrate). Nice work on this!
Nice twist on the big britches, Virgil. Good believable dialogue as you personify the questions and the teaching. Well done
awww, that was some cute dialogue to start off with...poor thing.

Sad story, glad the mother handled it well with her little girl