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Member Comments
This one is tough, well written, but a hard read during these tragic days.
This is a very powerful piece. Thought provoking. Very well written. Thank you.
Really hits close to home. Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure it is true... for someone.
A difficult job well done.
I loved the deepness of meaning in Timothy's "Yes, I'm ready." Very good job!
Amy - great story! Definitely a difficult subject, but you wrote it well.
More tears...This was very well written. God Bless, Karen
I was in tears by the end. Loved it. And yes, it was a difficult story but you pulled it off beautifully. Thank you.
I got chills reading it! Great job!
Amy, a great piece of work! Loved the theme and meaning - brought tears to my eyes
Oh, Amy, I'm literally covered in goosebumps as I read the end of this. Well done. A well deserved win.

You know, I love the way you so often take something topical and write to that ... it is extremely excellent! (Can't get much more positive than that - and I'm genuine.)
I'm a Peacenick (Sp)...very anti-war, but pro our troops, so have trouble commenting..but you sent a message to many.