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Great writing with good dialog. This is on topic in a humorous way, with a good message on resolving sibling conflict.
This is wonderful. I could easily see it as a children's story. I loved the part how the grandma let the kids find the solution. As adults, we often like to fix problems instead of praying and giving our support. A lesson I needed to be reminded of
A day in the life of....
You made it interesting and fun. I like it when Grannys look so wise. LOL.
Good job, Sarah.

So the pen and the sword can co-exist. Love the child banter in this well written tale.
awww...cute story. Very good dialog. Kids-ya gotta love 'em.
An original take on the topic, and a cute story. Well written with a good message.
Too cute! Great characters here, and such a fun ending!
I really enjoyed this and found myself with a big grin at the end. Good writing!
I loved your wise grandma--made me wonder if you were the little girl who loved to read and write! I liked the solution, too, that the children came up with.
I loved Sam and Meg's resourcefulness! Your ending is priceless (poor Kathryn). :) Fun stuff!
Now that's good writing and so fun to read. I really enjoyed this.
Oh the delights of being a grandma!
What a wonderful story. I could really identify with the Grandma. The children were realistically portrayed and the story was easily believeable. If you hadn't asked for red ink I wouldn't mention it but I think you meant to say "That sounds very good." instead of "That's sound very good."

Overthrow the queen?? Hope they wait until the cookies are done. lol.

Some of your words could read smooth as contractions and save word count. (My secret shared)
Very interesting story! I can visualize the whole scene and especially “Sam thrusting his plastic sword at the paper waving Meg.” I like how the story is written in true to life setting with sword and paper, and the imagined knight, dragon and queen. It’s a pleasant read.
Awww! I love how the kids figured out how to get along and have fun together!

I must say, I know how the Gramma feels. (Wait that almost makes me sound old, haha!) I spend plenty of time sending up those silent prayers for wisdom and trying to convince kids to find some common ground. It's such a blessing when they listen like these two did. I truly love this story. :)

Made me laugh aloud at the end! Congrats! A fun read that really brought me into the scene you set with the kids.
Sarah...super congrats on your ribbon!!
Sarah, a well-deserved placing. Your ending pulled the rug right out from under my feet! Brilliant stuff, though I always thought grandparents got on so well with grandchildren because they shared a common enemy!
This is a really cute story! Congratulations on placing in Level 3, but also doing so well on top 40.

Thank you, too, for your note to let me know about placing 6th in Level 3. I did know about the boards and had seen it, but it is so sweet of you to take the time to tell me. One of the many blessings of being a part of FW! Keep up the good writing.