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Member Comments
What a beautiful story!
great character and setting development. i wanted to be there to have a berry
What a delightful story so full of details
What a beautiful story, well written, with very rich characterization.
What a great job you did creating these characters! The dialogue felt very natural and easy to follow. And you always have a delightful litte "punchy" lesson at the end. Excellent!
I loved the dialect in your dialong. :) This is a beautiful story with a message. I could see this!
An atmospheric snapshot of colour, emotion and dialogue. Excellent material Sarah.
I agree, this has wonderful character, colorful dialect and crisp dialog. It's a delight to read.
What a refreshing story out of the ordinary. Well written and set the reader right in the middle of those blackberry bushes! Also loved the message and how it came from the student:)
I enjoyed the story within the dialogue and particularly like the ending which speaks volumes when Aunt Ida said, “Yeah, we have, chil’. We’s all done with this lesson fo’ now.” It prioritizes right away what's more important—Jesus in our hearts.

Loved your characters, the emotions and the dialogue. Beautifully written allowing the reader to hear as well as see.

Keep writing like this, Miss Sarah, and you'll be stepping up onto the next rung of the Challenge Ladder.
I think it's difficult to capture dialogue from another time and place. I love it when writers try something new.
Heart-warming story. The old south was not only filled with harsh slave-drivers. For the most part, there was lots of love and acceptance. Doesn't make slavery right, but it shows another side.

Loved this story and especially the realistic dialogue. Great job!
Very nicely done! Bravo. If this is a new attempt at a different genre, I'd say you definitely have the skill to do it and do it well. Very engaging story, rich with authentic dialogue and characterizations.
Wonderful story--very creative on the topic.
You nailed it with the genre and the topic! Very realistic dialogue. Well done!
Sarah: excellent! That's really all I have to say. Your characterizations and dialogue have improved so much over the last few months. Well done!
Oh yes, this is wonderfully written. The characters are well drawn and the dialog realistic. Even the character which appeared only in discussion was clear enough to get a pretty good picture of him. Lots of atmosphere and emotion here, and it ended well. Great job!
Congratulations in placing in the top 40 over-all and in the top 15 of your level. Good job!