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This was a delightful lesson of history that I had not known. I love it when I learn new things in such a fun way as reading.
Fiction is one thing, speculation is another, and truth is still another. However, when it comes to Bible stories, I have mixed emotions about the speculation you will understand my critique and/or comment being brief. This story IS creative and well written.
A well written glimpse into the past. I was hoping that we might hear the young man's response when he met the great apostle and read his inspired writing!
Not offensive in the least, to me and found it very well written. Kept waiting for some excitement though. :)
Wow, very informative of the history of that time. I had no idea it actually cost money to write those letters. I never thought about it, just imagined he sat down, wrote a letter and sent someone who volountarily took it to the Romans. I enjoyed the story.
You've done your research well. I enjoyed this glimpse into Paul's life. There has always been speculation as to why he used a Scribe, so I found this very interesting. Very creative entry for this topic.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level.