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Member Comments
I think I know who wrote this. if so, another entry on this subject was memorable from the past challenges.
Nicely done.
I found myself sitting on the edge of the chair. Well done.
Enjoyable read from beginning to end. I remember reading the story about this trail of tears and pondering about the cruelty of our ancestors, and how they treated the American Indian. I also ponder about your Title regardng this saga of yesteryear. "Misconceptions" doesn't strike me as perfect title, but perhaps I'm missing something. However, I loved this well written story. Nice job!
Riveting, especially in the way you built the story to the climax. Well done!
This is very moving. I think it fits perfectly. Great job.
I could almost feel "hearing" western music in the background as I read this...kind of like "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" :)....Very engaging from start to finish!
Wow, very touching, definitely had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I too love the way you built this story. Excellent.
This was beautiful and poignant. It did what all well-written historical fiction does to me - made me want to go and research the history behind the story. Excellent work!
Sarah - this is lovely. Truly moving and you captured the atmosphere perfectly. I think I see that EC you've been dodging!
"…and the rest is history". I enjoyed all the speculation at the beginning. (and perfect title for this) Your "skillfully" written story is creative for the topic. What a sad time for these people.
You questioned your POV. In my opinion it is perfect for this piece because it really places the reader there AT THAT MOMENT. We all need to be more aware of how it felt to watch, report, and WALK that trail of tears.

Well done... extremely well done.
This was really well done. Riveting from beginning to end. I too liked the POV- not easy to do and takes a concertened effort. Well done.
Well written in a sad tone whilst incorporating history into the story. You have successfully brought out the feelings and moods, and helped your readers visualize the circumstances that could have taken place.
My favourite reading is historical fiction and this was great. I felt like I was right there and you stirred my conscience and compassion.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 in your level.
I'd never heard of the "trail of tears," but you made it real to me in a very short piece of writing. Very well done!