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This is one of the best love stories I have ever read. Excellent writing, how true that some things can't be fixed, but with Jesus' help sometimes they can be put right.
You've packed this gripping story with emotion from the beginning, wow! I'm glad Andy showed the reality of his changed life by going to the hospital. I loved your ending!
I felt the first part of this story was the strongest.
You always have some really great details/touches that I enjoy.
Very nice writing, Sarah Elisabeth.
So real, it brought tears to my eyes. Powerfully descriptive writing here, filled with physical and emotional details which ensure reading through to the end--which was a blessing. Thank you.
Wow! Wow! Wow! That was powerful, I loved it and it definitely brought tears to my eyes.
Beautiful, emotional with such real, raw dialogue. This is an excellent entry!
Very real, with authentic actions, dialogue. I loved the smidgeon of hope at the end... not all the way "happily ever after," because that's not real, but just that hopeful glimmer.
Perfect. This story is beautiful beyond what words can express!
Very emotionally gripping! I love how you use the wedding photo as a description of their marriage. . . first with her saying it can't be fixed, and then with him saying it can. Love that twist! The title ties it together beautifully. I can't think of a single red ink remark. :)

And for him to burn his manuscript to display his love for her. . . that is just so sweet! Great ending!
You haven't lost your touch. I was pulled into your story completely.
You've done it again. I always look forward to reading your stories and you haven't let me down. Great, emotionally riveting and so realistic.
The raw emotion of your story is incredible. I lived this exact story with my own wife over the last year. Your words couldn't possibly be more accurate.
Oh, Wow....loved this. Was completely engrossed in this with so many different emotions!

Now THIS needs to continue!!!
Just beautiful, Sarah. I can feel the angst and raw emotion in both characters. Wonderfullly done.
I wrote a really nice reply, but instead of clicking the review button, I closed the browser ... DUH!

I really liked this ... an awesome read. Great job.
I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Well written. Good job.
Hey, Sarah!

I've been told my writing is cliché please don't be offended when I tell you that you use a few clichés. Can you pick them out? :)

I felt the story wrapped up a little too easily with him chucking his manuscript...something he will no doubt regret.

I like Margaret. She really shows up in the dialogue you've given her and her actions.