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That incident with you is just one example of many that can cause a writer to wonder if it is all worth the effort, or if God could use us to pen some spiritual truth that will inspire others. You probably felt reviewed by God, but the leadership of the church was just trying to keep things spiritual by sharing commitments to Christ and missionary work.
What amazed me about this entry was the change from a brutal, gory, bloody and spine-tingling writer of horror and suspense to a "wannabe" Writer for God. I enjoyed your story, as it was actually something very worthwhile reading. Nicely done, Good job, and Well written. Also, scripture is right on target.
Humble, transparent and encouraging for all of us who are tempted to give up. Perhaps that pastor was one who only considers "full-time Christian ministry" worthy of dedicating to the Lord (NOT!) He needs to read Gene E. Veith's book, "God at Work"!! Keep writing, friend. And I sure wish we could all read that mountain lion story - sounds like a chilling page turner! :)