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Member Comments
I love the surprise ending!
Ah... love this! The working relationship was a bit stressful/frustrating to your MC.. then learning the identity of the editor was priceless. I found myself totally immersed in your story.
Sweet...all around!
I can totally relate to the main character in not really wanting to re-write like the editor wants but knowing she's probably right. Especially since MY "editor" is also my mother! ;) Great ending! It had me smiling.
I've never had an editor so found this interesting and a little intimidating. Liked the story and the ending.
That was a surprise ending, but a good one. That is the sort of editor we could all do with at times-honest, fair and encouraging. Well done, right on topic.
Heehee! I love the editor bit in here! Great twist--especially the fact that the mother was the editor! Made me smile at the ending--lucky girl! ^_^
Ahhh you got me! I really enjoyed the editing process here.
You did a great job of catching the pain and terror of being reviewed and edited. Loved the twist.
You hooked me in! I agonized with the author waiting on the edge of my seat for the editor to get to the point. That's good writing when you can make the reader feel what the MC is feeling. Well done!
On topic, refreshing and a killer ending. Believable.
Very well-written. Sarah, I've noticed so much growth in your work in such a short period of time.

I generally don't let my husband read my stuff too much anymore...he doesn't "get it" when I try a creative angle and his suggestions are generally *whispering* dumb. I'll keep Laury around as my editor.
Oh, Sarah, this is one of my favorites that you've done. Your writing has improved immensely lately. Excellent creativity, lovely descriptions and some awesome characters to boot!
Awesome! I was living the agony and then laughed out loud at the twist in the ending! Great job.
This remains one of my favorites from you, Sarah. Such awesome humor and tight writing - and very relatable subject matter. Love it!