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What an interesting take on the topic, the writer in prison. You gave us a lot to think about, AND to be thankful for - so many authors, whose works were written behind bars, is astounding. I didn't get the last paragraph, at first, but after reading it a 2nd time, I understood. Thanks for shedding light on this particular population of writers. Very enlightening.
Wow, you've done extensive research for this informative entry. Some of these men I'd heard of, and some I hadn't. We can be grateful for the writings of Paul, John, and Bunyan. This is a very unique take on the topic. Thanks!
Very informative and interesting. Creative take on the topic.
Absolutely fascinating! I so enjoyed this...'different' is definitely good, Virgil.
Yes, it is a different take on the writer's life. But it is informative and wellwritten. One doesn't normally think of prisoners as being worthwhile writers. Thank you for reminding us of the Apostles, Paul & John, John Bunyan, Dietrich Bonhoffer and Martin Luther King, Jr. God can inspire people behind prison walls or or at home or across the world.

Thank you very much for all your hard work. God bless you.