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I liked the flow of this story and the message I got from it--each of us has a gift and it's up to us to use it. So glad Richard hung in there.
Really enjoyed the creativity in this along with the humor and Richards determination!
"But I like cracking eggs. . ." I can just hear the pout in his voice when he says that. :)

I love Richard's humility in including everyone's name on the cake, so much so that his was last and he only had room for the initial.

Writing it in the context of a letter was very creative.

Great job on this one! (You should be making a novel. ;) )
A fun story to read, and a VERY creative take on the topic! Good job.
I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was very creative, the characters really came alive and it was full of humour. Great job!
Great story-telling! I enjoyed the humor, the dialogues and the outcome. Well done.
Great tale! Very creative take on the prompt. I like the way the MC used something he loved to inspire him to write.