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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Yay...Excellent! This is my favorite entry. Love all the suspense. You had me right there, holding my breath, alarmed and smiling at your genius. I will be SO DISAPPOINTED if this doesn't win 1st place! Sorry to everyone else, but it is what it is :)
Very creative and gripping!
I loved the suspense, wondering how this fit the topic, until I got to the end. I can relate as I have an MC stranded on an island with no gas in her boat...
This is a great idea and well written. The end (or lack thereof) surprised me. lol
What an ending, a real "cliffhanger". Now we all want to know what happens next?
I love this. I, too, wondered how it fit the theme but love the way you tied it in. Good job!
Even though I was captivated by the story, I kept wondering what it had to do with the topic--Surprise!! Great ending... well done!
Captivating story and creative tie-in to the topic. Now I'm itching to know how it will end.
Ah yes, a wonderfully satisfying suspense story with a great giggle at the end. Perfect description of what happens when inspiration just freezes up. Love it.
lol, perfect freeze! Your poor MC. I left mine standing by a fire in a trashcan, trying to stay warm. Ah, I feel guilty now ;-)

Great job!
Well, I was wondering what this very dramatic story had to do with writer's block. Now, if you just hadn't had writer's block I would really love to know the ending. Thanks for a very gripping story.
oooooh, gripping, eerily fun, and needs to be finished! I do hope your muse shows up soon and you continue this in another entry. We'll all be waiting! Great job.
Fun, fun, fun! This tale grabbed my attention and left me hanging awaiting it's most creative writer to proceed.
Don't you love the power you possess??

Great fun! How long does it take for the release of a 'Writer's Block' - we're waiting for the sequel! Thanks for the first half!
This was a fun read- I thought Adam was playing a joke and was also wondering about the whole writer's block thing. Nicely done- loved the title.
I am in such deep trouble, still laughing so hard I can hardly write!

Excellent, wonderful and totally Alfred-like.

I'm hoping the next challenge I read isn't serious, this is going to be a struggle to get my mind back on track!

Ooh! So very creepy and exciting. Great suspense.
Very crazy, creepy characters . . . and I liked the ending! HeHe! Funny! My brother (Adam ;) ), wondered what it was all about 'cause he was so into the story. Well done.
Totally unexpected ending. Good read!
Nice approach to sensationalizing the whole story. I like the ending. It conveys the meaning of writer's block very well.