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Creative and cleverly intense scenario of writers block with a meaningful message!
Amazing! You revealed a lot about the MC in under 750 words. I love the truth that he finds in the end, realizing that he had been dead-wrong about those people having no hope. You took a popular verse and used it beautifully to speak to your character in a very real way.

This story kept me on my toes. Great writing!

(I only caught one place where David says "I tell you why" instead of "I'll tell you why." Other than that. . . AWESOME!)
Oh shoot, ya know what? My bad. He says "I tell you what." *Blushing* Guess I misread it. Sorry! :)
Awesome story. I loved how the MC's writer block taught him some valuable lessons about life as well as helping his story.
Beatiful story. There is so much gleaned from such a few paragraphs. You care about the MC immediately and learn right along with him. Great job.
Wonderful! This captured and held my attention from beginning to end. I'd love to know what happens next. Very well done!
Excellent story-telling with a riveting story line. The personality and voice of your MC was well conceived. Good job.
Captivating story! I was predicting as I read and you kept surprising me. That makes for a good read.
All I can say NEED to be writing novels! You've really got what it takes to write fiction - plot and character development, believable dialogue, descriptive setting - get published soon, so we can all get lost in your stories!
Sarah, my hat is off. Your writing has jumped three or four levels and is about to go up another. Incredible characterization, intense plot, and completely out of the box. Well done, my friend.
Wow! Excellent read!
Excellent for topic--for storytelling--for characterization--for hope! Good for you, Sarah!
Sarah, I agree with Rachel. Your personal growth as a writer is in evidence. This is an out-of-box story that draws the reader in and makes them think while it stays on topic.

Good job.