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A nice twist on the topic. I could picture the library so easily. I truly enjoyed your take on the topic.
A unique take on the topic. Well-done.
Good story! When they went "down," I thought it was going to be to books she was reading that weren't good, to "fill the empty spaces." I like your take better! Enjoyed this very much.
Love the title, and LOVE this story (wish I'd thought of it!) :) Of course, being a huge fan of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, I couldn't help but love how you wove them into your story. Very excellent!!
Wow! Well done. Your story held my interest and made a great point.
I enjoyed reading this and like the way the story goes into an 'alternate reality'—a dimension much like entering into Narnia. I also like the part where the writer is asked, "will your book bring light to the darkness ... and hope to those who read it?" It's an answer I hope to say for my devotional writings as well, "I'd like it to."
I could definitely see your heart shining through this story. Looks like a biographical setting with a fictional plot. ;) I hope and pray that someday I'll be one of those friends filling in the empty shelves with you. ;)