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Member Comments
An interesting glimpse into another culture. Good idea.
This is a wonderful journey into a world I can hardly imagine. You did an outstanding job of pulling me in and making me fall in love with your characters.
You've told this tale very well, and I also was drawn in. Excellent descriptions--I wanted to wipe the dust off my face when I was finished reading. There were a couple of punctuation problems (the ? in the wrong place, before "Yasmin" and the elipses at the end should be three dots and then one period). But on the whole, a creative take on the topic, and I liked it very much.
Very creative take on the topic. We tend to forget how blessed most of us are to have access to more books than we could ever read. Well done.
Thank you for a glimpse into a different country and way of life. It is always good to be reminded how God can work through many different situations besides our own.