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A well-written piece. I could picture the character standing in the "library" selecting books.
I could feel the character's emotions roll from one feeling to the next. Good job of bringing the past alive and giving the reader a glimpse of what it feels like to be a young different girl.
Sarah, glad that came here to read this. I don't know enough to comment on the grammar and structure but I can on the mood. This drew the reader in to feel the emotions grow in intensity. The open book at the end with the pictures and illustrations... the power of books. Also, encouraging voice reminding her to be proud of who she is. Loved it.
I really enjoyed this. Great descriptions, great dialogue. A really well-written piece, and one that made me quite thoughtful about a number of issues.
Lovely, in every way. Well written.
We never had bookmobiles or library buses where I grew up. I could imagine the smell of the bus full of treasures. Well done.
An enjoyable trip down memory lane, thoughtfully written.
A very good read. You've captured the feelings quite well of what it means to be alone in the crowd, although in reality each of us are not far different from the other in thoughts and in the books we read. Interesting take on this topic of a mobile library.
Oh, good. A beautiful picture of how books can inspire us to be who God meant us to be!
What a beautiful story, using books to show how God how lonely a child can feel and then how God created the child. Keep Writing.
Sarah, you completely captured the children's voices and inner dialogue. Wonderful story. Loved it.
What a captivating story with a wonderful message.
Wow - I loved it - this defies time and culture - because it exposes the human condition - shame ( given or taken) in being who we were created so lovingly to be - BE PROUD! Cause Papa in Heaven is...
This deserves its own theme song ... "Ride on the heavenly library bus!" Whaddya think? ;)

I like how the Indian girl learns to be proud of who God made her. I'll bet she'd be great friends with the Spanish girl ... next trip to the bus she needs to pick out a "Learn to Habla Espaņol" book. ;)

Great story and very creative writing!