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Your story held my interest and made me want to read more. Is this an excerpt from your new book? It sounds like a great plot. Good job!
This was a delight to read. I found myself crossing my fingers for the MC.

A tiny error in the beginning confused me for a bit. You said accept but I think you meant except.

I so enjoyed how you reminded people that it wasn't that long ago that women did need a pseudonym to be taken seriously. And it's still true in other parts of the world. Great use of the topic.
What an entertaining story! I want to cheer for Matthew and Nita. :)
I do hope you are writing historical fiction, because this piece definitely showed off your natural flair for this genre! Terrific job!
Oh, so men are not the only ones finding it difficult to get into print.

Interesting piece! Thanks - Colin.
I really liked this story. The characters came across as very real. Is there more to come? Also, I looked up the word accept it seems to be correct for the situation. The word in my dictionary has five definitions. One which states "to receive with liking or approval." I did notice that the name Esther was spelled Ester. An Ester is a compound produced by the reaction of an acid and an alcohol. Esther is the Jewish maiden who married the Persian king in the Old Testament. Keep writing.
I really like your mc--more to come?
Interesting and well written. I wanted to know what the crisis was, since it seemed to divide the loyalties within the community as opposed to dealing with an outside force.
Your hook was SUPERB. I HAD to keep reading until I figured out what he couldn't do - and by then I was totally engaged. Wonderful writing. Hope we hear more from these characters.
Great writing, loved the message here. I don't see this as history, unfortunately. Women still have a long way to go in many areas of life. Thanks for bringing this subject to light.
Good point--I think women were accepted as novelists and poets long before they were accepted as commentators on political issues. I enjoyed this story and found the characters very intriguing. Well done!
LOVE it! Great setting, and I liked how Matthew came through for his sister and printed her name even if his strict boss didn't agree.

Congrats on getting highly commended! I was excited to see your name back at the top. ;)