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I'm not sure if it was intended, but this piece brought me to tears. It struck me as so relevant to events happening in my life right now, and I found it powerful, and moving.

How much more easily we could tread the rough waters of life, if we unceasingly placed our trust and faith in God!

I loved this. Thank you for writing it.

This is a beautiful story and sounds very familiar to me. Is it perhaps based on a true story and I heard about it in the news? You did a great job showing the emotions and fears. It held my interest to the very end.
A moving piece showing God in charge of a miraculous deliverance - Thanks - Colin
And to think that you wrote all this using haiku. Wow! *stunned* Even with the limited format, I could still see what was going on. Good job!
Firstly, I'm amazed at how you came up with this story -rather courageous to take such an alternative approach! You did so very well with it too - it's creative, clever and has a very deep message too. Wow!
Wow! This is such a cool piece! Sometimes we don't understand why God wants us to do something, but if we'll just listen and obey we see why in the end. Great job of showing that here!
What a message you developed in this format. I really love it.

This is such a creative, original and effective take on the topic. It's amazing what ideas one can generate with a technique like you used. Well done!
This was very cool...what a great method you've devised! Fantastic ending!
I've always thought Haiku too short. Yeah! you took it a whole other level
Great story!
Excellent job of writing a narrative poem with haiku. --good word choices.
I went back to read this a couple of times. Each time I read, I discovered more. Sometimes what we hear Him say strikes a discordent note as His reply doesn't seem to "fit" our prayer. How aptly you portrayed how using the camera. in the middle of a violent storm at sea, is how the rescue occured.
Excellent writing and such wisdom in the message.