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Member Comments
Loved the twist at the end! So true isnít it that often, when we let go of something we get it! Loved the busy day with everything going wrong that could go wrong Ė except the one thing that you didnít, in the end, need. Pet hate Ė the telemarketer! Fun and thought provoking read, Yeggy.
Good writing. You kept me interested until the end, and threw in a surprise to boot. I liked the way the title fitted in with the story.
Cute ending--another reason to party! Nice writing, entertaining to read.
Good work. Story flowed and twisted at the end.
Great surprise ending! This happened to me - gave up round trip tickets to Europe and a 2 month Eurail pass:)
Very good story! You got me at the end!
The twist was definitely the best! When I read about trying to start the family, I was predicting that it would happen in Korea - this was better!
Such a sweet story, and so realistically contemporary.
Very cool. I wasn't expecting the end at all. Good job.
Wonderful -got chills -and they are still going on a journey -just not the one they thought! :)
Definately a contender. Very well done. Grat twist ... will score big points! :-) Clear a spot on the mantel ... if nothing else, you at least win a Maxx-ie! rofl!
Great job!!! What a perfect journey they now begin, a journey of a life time.
Nice descriptions and the stress and heartache of the reality of it all run throug hit well.
Congratulations! God Bless, Karen
Anita, congratulations on your very well deserved place in the Editors' Choice. This was a delightful story and that twist at the end really was what made it a winner. Love, Deb