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Member Comments
Great job with a fun, on topic story. Loved the humor and surprise ending.
The diaper on the rear view mirror is a d o r a b l e. :)
*laughs* Not a ticket! What would his pastor say to that. ;)
Great story.
Very fun story, and quite original. Meaningful, too -- it often takes something like a diaper to get our attention, doesn't it? We're all like that; we just don't like to admit it. Good job on the story!
This was brilliant. I laughed and enjoyed every word. My eyes are quite blurry but I thought you referred to Grandma's spectacles as speckles. Forgive me if I am incorrect. The blurry vision didn't stop me from wanting to read every word. Outstanding as always!
Bravo! This was fun, humorous, and so true! Oh, those poor men -- will they ever say the right words? Maybe if they listen closely enough. ;)

The ending was very creative and cute. I enjoyed the whole thing. :)
Wonderfully delightful story! I'm glad he finally got the message she'd been trying so hard to give him.