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Member Comments
This is an exciting story. I was anxious to find out how the cup bearer was going to get out of the mess. It was a wonderful and satisfying ending. I do believe you could do a novel with these interesting characters.
Good story telling!
I felt like I was in the banquet hall and I trembled right along with the cupbearer. Very good writing!
Oh, this was SO good!! So well-written! What an imaginative and creative piece. Yes - it could very well become a novel. Could you work on that for us?
Strong characterization, powerful story, good plot, mystery = well done!
Outstanding in every regard! The little girl was so unexpected. Well done.
Outstanding writing. Way to go!
Very nice! 8)

I suspected that mean old Duke ... who also turned out to be crazy. Glad they punished the right guy. (The right guy who was wrong? Hmm...) Anyway --

I also liked the part about mercy in the end. Great analogy of the heavenly King having mercy on us for His Son's sake.
That was a fun read. I liked the twist with the little girl. I'll bet she gets a Christmas card from the cupbearer.
I really truly enjoyed this.
The little girl was a surprise! Glad she came forward.

Good job with the dialog, I never had any trouble knowing who was talking. I know that gets hard with the 750 word limit.
Wow, extremely intense! You put the reader immediately into the action! This is an engaging story! Great work!
Very well written suspense story. I loved the part where the little girl entered and the ending with mercy.
A taste of the master's mercy is all we need! How great is He who grant us mercy even when we were deep in sin! I thoroughly enjoyed the reading. You have set forth an interesting plot and ended the story very nicely with a message put across very well. Excellent work.
Yaaaay! I just saw this! Congrats!!!! :D