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This is a perfect story. If it doesn't win, I'll have to eat rattlesnake---just kidding! I wouldn't dare! But, I do love everything about your writing. I'm intrigued to want more---how about an adventure novel for teenage girls (to rival Nancy Drew)? :)
A fitting title for an on topic story and an enjoyable read. Good job.
Creative and effective approach to the topic. There is a teen audience out there who would love this! (When I first read the title I thought, "It would certainly do it for me.") :0) Nicely written.
This is another wonderful story with some much action packed in 750 words. It seems there have been many stories that today's youth and many adults as well need to read, yours is high on this list.
I like this story. Love the ending and the competition between the girls.
Great story! Wow, there is seriously a movement going on with Native Americans and reconciliation, something God has privileged my mom and I to be a part of.

I'd love to see Becca's character expanded even more, I like her :-)
Hats off to Becca. The pace of this was great and I loved the accomplished feel good ending. I felt like I was Becca! :)
You captured these characters so well! I'm still shuddering about the snake. I wouldn't have tried it!
I really enjoyed reading this interesting story. Your writing is so readable - wonderful! Colin
Loved Becca! and that was an awesome ending. I'm not sure that I would have tasted the rattlesnake. Yuck.
I love your story! I could see the desert and the distrustful teenagers. We live near several reservations and have contact with some of the native families. You were brave to eat the rattlesnake. :)
Great story with a great message. Really well done.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. It reminds us so much of what we must do in order to win the trust of people we hope to bring to the Lord. Like writing, evangelism is not all about 'tell' but about 'show'. We need to show how much we love the Lord to be willing to go the extra mile and not tell people to come for a gospel event or even about the Christian faith. It is about living Christ out in our lives.

Thank you for sharing this story. Excellent writing.