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This story is full of suspense. I found myself holding my breath, then chuckling. The love between the two characters felt genuine. A small editing note, instead of woe, in this case I think you would want to use Whoa, unless you were looking for a play on words. Overall a sweet, fun story.
Cute story. You have some typos but it didn't detract me from the story line. :)
Cute story!
Oh, the things we do to show our love. A fun read, for sure.
Enjoyed this interesting story about a woman's doting love and a man's careless bravado. Thanks! Colin
haha, had a similiar experience with my brother (minus the rocket) helping him deck a roof. He even got me a tool belt. At least you had a real ladder and not one built with scrap wood and rungs two feet apart ;-)

Enjoyed your story!
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and in the top 40 overall!
Oh, the things we will do for love, right? Could feel the love and suspense all the way through...even to the very end.