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This was a fun read. I chuckled out loud many times. Although the picture of the decaying squirrel was too vivid for my fear of maggots mind-it actually was perfect and all of the details even the maggot filled ones were spectacular.
Oh my! A cute too-true story! [We've had a squirrel get in the attic, a mama racoon have babies under the overhang over the front porch, and pigeon nests that made our entry smell like a chicken coop---at least nothing died (all gone after tearing out all the aluminum fascia and soffits I'm sorry I ever had installed)! But, what a mess.] I wonder why wild critters find some of us so appealing they want to move in!
This was charming! As a mom of 4 boys and being blessed with the most sensitive nose in the family, I can relate to the mama in your story. Your mc reminded me of my own boys. Good writing!
Wow! This was so much fun to read. How do you compete against something so entertaining as this.
Everyone is in a good mood this week...LOTS of funny stories...including this one. I too hav a super-sensitive nose which drives my family crazy. Thanks for sharing of funny story...with all the laughter we should be a healthy bunch by next week. Your dialogue, especially, was well done and believable.
Not having met Mama...was kinda glad to see her leave :)

This had a very genuine, relatable,and down-home feel. Enjoyably entertaining as well!
I did enjoy the read, just caught the word quite instead of quiet other than that it reminded me of several encounters we have had with animals. I will take the dead squirrel over skunk spray any day!!! :)
Yes I agree: a really fun and well-written story. Reality just explodes in it. I'm sure we all have our critter stories (I won't bore you with the mouse in the dryer vent)--but yours revealed so much about the family life as well, and I'm really glad I read it. Thanks for sharing with us.
I agree with all the comments - this was an extremely fun article to read. Obviously spot on topic, creative, well written - hope you do really well with this one Virgil!