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Doing laundry, especially in the summer when we can hang the wash outside on the line, remains my favorite household chore. That wonderful fragrance makes good bookends for your reminiscenses (if I spelled that right, I see a hint of "scent" in the word!). I enjoyed reading your descriptions and comparisons in your trip down memory lane.
Thanks for taking me back. I do the same thing when I hang clothes on the line. I used to hang out clothes with my grandmother and my mother. Every now and then I will smell something in my house... it may be something cooking, or something else and when it reminds me of my mother's house or my grandmother's house... I know I'm home!
I also love the scent of clothes fresh from the line. I've heard many people today say they think not putting clothes in a hot dryer is gross, but I like you love that scent. It does pull me back to my mom and grandmothers. I never thought much further back than that, but I will now.
I use to hang my bedding and towels outside to dry for that very reason...the reward was indeed the smell of sunshine. Thanks to your story, I'm thinking about having my husband hang another clothes line. Thanks for the memories.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level and the top 30 overall.