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Member Comments
This is a thrilling story with suspense. I found myself crossing my fingers for the MC even though I suspected she was correct.
Great story, loved the MC being persistent and listening to the Lord. Keep Writing. Blessings, Ruth
Fast-paced and engaging . . . I like the clever title too. I think many times we Christians, like Ali, are scorned for the discernment that God gives us and the obedience with which we follow it. But if we'll just listen to Him rather than our unbelieving peers, He'll reward our efforts in the end.

I think you also did a good job of showing rather than telling. Great story idea!
Great pacing, on topic, with a wonderful message. What FaithWriters is all about! Good Job!
Great rescue story--strongly on topic.I was hoping the MC's discernment was right.
Just enough action to pull the reader along. I'm glad things turned out all right for Cody. Nicely done.
You have written well of listening to that still, small voice and acting on it. An enjoyable read with a happy ending.
What a great story! I really enjoyed reading it. I'm glad things turned out alright in the end. :)
Great story and right on topic! Well written. I wish all "Amber Alerts" could end so well.
Great intuition story. God's intuition that he shares with us sometimes. People do tend to look at us funny when the "word" comes.
Thank you for your comments on my story. I love Ann's basics.