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Member Comments
This is a funny story. I chuckled several times. I think most mothers have tried this form of discipline with their children. But your version was hilarious.
This is too funny! Great creativity, loved it.
Happy dance for Holly!!!!!!! I'm thrilled for you my friend placing this high in this level is just written proof of how amazing you are!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it's another win for Holly! YAY. You go girl!

This was a great story... and so true.

I think this is a parent's tactic to get away from the kids!
Congratulations on one hilarious entry! Way to go!
This is a really great entry! Congrats on your 3rd place in your level, and your top 30 placing. Well deserved.
Oh those pooor children. The torture of trying to figure out what mom wants from them! This made me smile. :)

Congrats on your win! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your past with us.