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Member Comments
A punny read!

Okay that was bad, sorry, you're better at it than I am, lol.

This was fun to read, loved the puns.

Loved the title as well as the name of the salad joint!

Fun story to read, I laughed outloud several times. Great dialogue and great friends.
This was a fun read. It's nice to have a nice laugh with lunch.
I love puns. This was a fun read. Thanks!
Ahhh...quite clever! And wonderfully illustrates how we are always "half listening" when we converse with each other. I love the camaraderie between these tow friends. Wish I could have lunch with them!
Um...make that TWO friends. LOL. My thoughts got ahead my typing skills.
This is really cute, and so so typical. Hilarious conversation!
Clever puns here, to be sure.

I did feel that the conversation seemed a bit contrived, and that this would work better as broad comedy rather than as a 'real' conversation.

I'll bet you had a blast working on this--it really shows!
Fresh, fun and light. Don't we carry on these conversations every day? I know I do.
Love it.

Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful comments. It was fun writing this story. This was actually based on a real conversation between me and my best friend. Some of this was contrived... just a wee bit... to make it a little more "punny" than real life. But in all honesty? Gwen and I have these sorts of "confused conversations" regularly! It makes life fun, and interesting!

Blessings to you all!