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Oh this is so bittersweet. I wasn't sure where you were taking me at first but I so enjoyed the journey. I like your explanation of Gid protecting the mind. You did a great job transitioning from cartoon land to hospital room.
You did such a beautiful job in setting this up as a children's fantasy, then revealing it as a place of escape. Would love to read about the outcome of this tragedy.
Very creative. I did not see the hospital scene coming. Good surprise ending.
I too wondered where this was going but you drew it together wonderfully. The mind is just so complex isn't it. Good story.
On topic and thoughtfully written. Well done.
Interesting idea, and WOW what an ending. Good job!
I would have been entertained from part one by itself. Then, when I came to part two--what a clever surprise!

Very clever, very well done.
Absolutely loved this. Praise the Lord for his loving kindness! Wonderful story of God being with us through all circumstances.
A sad story filled with contradicting emotions, one of joy in the unreal world of one's own locked mind, while the other of acute sadness failing to be comforted at the sight of loved one lost in her own world. You have put across the emotions very well. Great work!
Congratulations for placing 14th in level 3 and 28 overall!