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Ah ha, NOW I get it. I'm a little slow...took me a couple minutes to figure out who this "ED" dude is but now I get it. Great letter, full of hope and overcoming a terrible disease. (If this is based on a true incident in your life or someone close to you...way to go.)
Eating Disorders can definitely make one's life pure misery. Writing a letter to your disease is a great idea and a powerful way to regain control and not let the eating disorder have the power. Thank you for sharing about a very painful time.
A clever idea--to personify a disorder.

I'm afraid that even after reading this, some may not realize that ED stands for Eating Disorder, and there's the possibility of confusion.

I love the assertive, spunky attitude, here--good job!
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 3!
I'm really glad you said good-by to ED. You worded this well...Bless you, Friend.
Congratulations on your recognation and on staring dowm the enemy in Jesus' name.