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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
The Official Writing Challenge
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Member Comments
Poetry is not my thing, but this is excellent with a great message. Well done.
Absolutely beautiful...the flow, the thoughst, the words. Exceptionally well done. I've attempted a villanelle (sp?) but have never succeeded, at least I think that's the name of the style.
I'm not a poet, but this is truly excellent. Fabulous wordsmithing here.
I had to read this several times to get it all, and some of it seemed difficult to grasp, but there are some beautiful imageries here, with a touching message.
Lovely word smithing here and brings up many images, but I don't understand what is being portrayed with these words.
You have a gifted pen--great images and word selection here.
Beautiful. It gave me chills.
Are you sure you're born in this century? Your eloquence would say otherwise. Read it three times, will read again. To read it is to experience it, soft, sad, sweet, lovely.
You have wonderful ability to write this verse style as no other I've read.

Very nice facility w/ words demonstrated here. While there may be a fair amount of the subject-matter I'm not grasping, that doesn't tend to be the driving criterion for my own work let alone for that of others. Nicely done! :)
A agree that your message of unselfish love and that life is for the living was very strong. Beautiful.
Beautifully written. You are a gifted poet.
I can only echo what others have said about the craftsmanship of this poem. A very different take on the topic. Well done!
Amazing writing. You have a gift indeed.
I didn't understand your amazing arrangement of words-until I read the comments, then it made beaufiful sense.
You seem to have picked up the pulse of another era.
An era of deep and profound writing.
What can I say?
Hitherwards we have the Bard.
Breathtakingly beautiful!
This is very deep ...
You've not only attempted this difficult poetic form you've mastered it. I love your alliteration. Your work in this is exquisite!
Congrats on your awesome win! Way to go! :D
I've left one note already but had to leave another...congratulations on your well deserved recognition.
As a fellow poet, I must applaud you and say that I really love the works of your pen! Great job!
Congratulations on your EC!
Congrats, Henry. great to see your work recognized. God bless.
Nicely done but one verse definitely confuses the reader, the one where Luke and Paul is referenced. Not my cup tea but I'm sure you don't care.
**are referenced**
What an excellent piece! I Love poetry like this! Thank you!