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I really enjoyed this. Ralph is quite a character, isn't he? A few of your lines gave me a good chuckle, but I think my favorite is "that Baptist taught me some new words." Too funny!
Oh my!! I laughed so hard I had to wipe the spit off my monitor several times before I could continue to read(TMI?). Seriously this was so funny I enjoyed every word.
Too funny!
This was a lot of fun! A few sentences made me slow down and could use some smoothing, but the story and the voice were great!
Lot of fun. Didn't quite get the significance of the title but your story raises a good number of smiles. Well done
I enjoyed this so much. Just wonderin' if the title means ol' Ralph's letter never made it to Cousin Pete. Very funny story.
LOL! So the letter didn't go through -- your poor MC. You had some hilarious lines in this entertaining pigtail. Great humor indeed! :)
Your rural voice is spot-on and hilarious, as is the visual imagery.

I'll admit, though, that I felt a bit squeamish at humor that came at the expense of an accidental death.

I realize this was intended as broad humor or slapstick, and it was extremely successful at that level. This would make a superb read-aloud.
This is an absolute delight to read! So descriptive I could almost picture myself there (but glad I wasn't). This is a winner in my book.