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Member Comments
This is a charming circle of giggles. Nicely Done.
Very creative, with a lighter ending than I was expecting. Do you 'propose' to expand this into a book? Only kidding...
Ha! I figured it was the butler that did it, but I guess mom will do. :o)
Very cute story. I really liked how you were able to have so many scenes without it being awkward. Enjoyed it immensely!
What a great idea for a story! I loved the ending. Good job! :)
It kinda reminds me of the "telephone" game we played as kids. What starts out as one thing at the beginning of the chain ends up so different at the other end. You told the story well.
For me, this was pure fun!
A fun read! Enjoyed your story thoroughly.
I enjoyed following the investigation into the source of the rumor, and how it led right back to her own home. Very creative!
haha, too true!
Pretty darn cute! :)
What a delightful story! That Darryl sounds like he definitely has possibilities for a romantic interest. Most gals would be impressed, but it's hilarious that he jumped the gun so bad!

I came calling to thank you for taking time to leave a comment on my entry, too. I do appreciate you!