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Member Comments
What a delightfully mischievous eighty-five-year-old! I loved her! Good character drawing!
This is hysterical! I love this gutsy MC! You dida fantastic job. I thoroughly enjoyed every word.
I love how much the woman's strong character and intelligence shines through in contrast to her more weakened physical state! I want to meet this woman. :-)
Love the life in this entry. Well done Minnie. You can teach an old dog new tricks!
Great MC. She showed lots of spirit and craftiness. I liked this a lot.
Old folks know how to "make do" and your MC was way out front on this one. Great story.
Fabulous! This is great. I love it.
This made me smile. So, well written and a very real insight into those we consider older. Oh, if we only knew what was going on in their very shrewd minds. I also enjoyed the original approach you took to this week's theme.
She was a smart woman! What a great twist to the story. Great job!
What a great story!! Vivid characters and setting, and such a clever "plot". Loved it!
Ha! Minnie's a smart old bird! Great story - you kept me entertained and reading to the end. :)
A great story, indeed! The MC has intelligence, charm and wit. I never would have guessed the ending. Thank you for a very entertaining story. God bless your writing.