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Member Comments
LOL!! I'm afraid to comment (Max?) Well done!!!
First.... I've seen this movie! Maybe 300 times! lol!

Second.... Did this story really start with "It was a dark and stormy night..."? That deserves an honorable mention all by itself!

Third.... I need to know... was Miss Scarlet stuck in the elevator with Maxwell?

Fourth.... Where's proprietor Dub in all this? I've always thought him quite suspicious looking.

Fifth.... Beyond that, I'm afraid to comment (Dust?) Well Done!!!
Very clever story. Ahem. ;-) I liked it!
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that you might have squeezed one or two more cliches in there, if you really tried. Honestly, this is masterful writing, and as funny as all get-out.
This all seems so familiar to me....Dejavueish ;) Well done and way to much fun!
hahahahaha! The bird-like girl is laughing too hard to say anything!
LOL. Funny read. How cool!
That was awesome!!!! BRAVO!!! I felt like I was watching "Mystery" on PBS :)
Way too much fun to read! This is great! Poor Max. I bet it was torture to be stuck in that box! :)
Now that I've stopped laughing long enough to comment--That was great! Especially the ending. The only thing it was missing is a reference to fuzz. :-)
Lovely! Got a huge smile all over my face and it will stay there all day. Great stuff, lovingly done, CONGRATULATIONS!:-)
God bless.
Oh! I think I'm in there too! Brilliant! I loved the last line! Very good humor!

:) God Bless, 'God love her' aka Karen
Too fun! Hope Deb has caught her breath by now. LOL. Fun and clever writing.
Blessings, Lynda
What a trip! So much fun! Thanks for the laughs!
Cute! Well done.
Ibuprofin please. :o)

Hope you had as much fun writing it as I had reading it. You did a great job weaving these "characters" together! Loved it.
This was all-too awesome Anita! I loved it! I like how you intertwined everything together from their personalities in writing and on the forum. Great job! Thanks for sharing!
My family's looking at my strangely because I'm laughing uncontrollably and totally incoherent. This was so well done! Glad I found it - eventually!