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Member Comments
Very evocative...
Nice tribute to the witness of God's natural revelation as communicated in Ps. 19!
Ooooo, I'm not a big poetry fan, but this is the type I love. Beautiful imagry and wonderful twist on the topic. I hope this one places in the top ten.
I'm not quite sure how this fits in the topic, but I agree that this is a very lovely poem. I definitely enjoyed reading it. Good job!
Exquisite and lovely.
An unusual take on the topic as though seen through the eyes of the media pulling its audiences to view for themselves the magnificence and majesty of God. We can now catch a bird's eye view the works of God in action through television and digital online media such as watching the eagles fly, and also be able to listen to the sound of wind blowing.

Very nicely written piece and a pleasant read. Great work!

Would not have thought of media as nature, but it is, of course. The Bible tells us that they will be "without excuse" after seeing the majesty of God in creation. Well done!
Beautiful for words and meaning
Yes. I loved it. Great pace, images and message. You get my vote, and I rarely cast one. Masterful indeed!
Lovely and lyrical. I read it twice...once for the content and again, just for the beautiful cadence. Thank you.