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This was an interesting glimpse of a conversation. I liked how the one character was interested in reading those clippings on the walls.

At times the way the two spoke made it seem they had more education than they claimed. Other times it fit with their characters. Maybe just needs more balance there.

The paragraph about the dying words of the young man has me a little confused. Were these the thoughts of the character reading the piece, or words the dying young man said, or what the author of the obituary wrote?

The last sentence in the story make me chuckle a little. :-)

Novel take on the topic! Those newspapers would be some interesting reading
I like the way you "showed" your characters through their conversations.(Bad-uns weren't they!) This was a creative take on the topic.
I enjoyed this unique little story. I can imagine what it would be like to read old newspapers.

The only thing I had a hard time believing is that the men with little education would have been able to read and understand that obituary. Some of the words were well above the fourth grade level.

But all in all the characters were fascinating and it was a mice trip through history.
Very descriptive portrayal of simpler times.
"Gather up my influence and bury it with me." Boy, can I chew on that line! I know it was a miniscule part of your story, but it left me wanting to read more.

I agree that this was a great take on the topic. I had a little trouble with some of the punctuation, but nothing too bad. I enjoyed reading your story. It reminded me of some of O. Henry's cowboy tales. :)
Unique take on the topic. I enjoyed your main characters. I could feel the cold wind blowing into the cabin.