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Member Comments
He sure got the short end of that stick, but maybe the 10G will help him out. Hope he gets recognized some day. Good job.
In the world we live in today, too many corporations operate similar to your story line. Oh what a need for Christian bosses. Perhaps, also, there is something to be said about the employee receiving what he had agreed to work for, and was unhappy. You have given your readers several touch points for consideration.
This happens in so many jobs. Great story-kept me spellbound.
Ha, great story and so sadly true. The last part about the garbage was perfect.
I like how you used numbers to show how the characters were "depersonalized." The result of the discovery is realistic for the way things happen in the business world. The ending was clever.
I believe this happens far more than I can imagine. How sad to be known as a number. Great job and a fresh take on the subject.
I'm glad my Boss only counts the numbers of hair on my head :-) Good story about a sad yet real world. Liked the ending :-)
I had a little trouble at the very beginning realizing that Eugene and 44 were the same people, but after that everything went really smoothly. Eugene was a very interesting character, and I enjoyed the ending. Good job!
Very absorbing way you played out the line of this story to make sure we were all with you. Sad but accurate depiction of what passes for business ethics.
So true. I had a boss once who asked me

"who am I"

I answered "Phil."

He said "no you are not."

I replied. "and what makes you think I am not Phil.

" He said "your a number."

"No God made me and my name is Phil; He did not name me a number."

At that point he wanted to hit me.

Chris, I think the joke is in the tv show "Get Smart" when the second lead is played by "99".

I guess I am going to ask God what number I am some day. Do you think He will know what I am talking about?

Na, He will say your name is Phil and your name is written down. Amen?
Well written. Great story line with just the right ending. If I were 44, I'd grab my $10,000 and beat it! A garage is a great place to build another Sensation, no greedy hands attached!
Great story! A very familiar feeling for many of us who are employees of large corporations or who are ghostwriters. Sad, but a fact of life while on earth where rewards are mediocre and can never satisfy.
Lots to ponder in this story. Great, unique plot...strong mc voice...visual...well done.
Lots to ponder in this story. Great, unique plot...strong mc voice...visual...well done.
Yeah, I guess the 10,000 dollars isn't so bad. ;)

I almost thought that 44 was a secret agent at first.

Fun story! Enjoyed the humor.