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If you want to hear Good news there's nothing like the Good Book. Nice story.
Maybe you're showing my age, because I kept agreeing - roight down the the final "Ah.." Very good flow of ideas and feelings.
Thank you for reminding us how television often takes away from the time we need to spend in God's word. I noticed an abundance of "ing" verbs used with "while." Not so sure if that's the best way to express that.

To avoid overuse,you might consider other way to express it. Also,for a moment "the curly gray haired woman" threw me until I realized you were talking about Gertie.

"other ways"
A fitting title for the story you wrote. That old bug-a-boo TV works best when it's off. And who of us doesn't have a favorite chair?
Alright! I'll take God's Word over negative media any day.

Nicely written.
Nicely written and a good read. It's so true there's not much good coming from the media, so we ought all the more spend fruitful time in God's Word!
Oh, 'tis true! Watching too much TV can be a real downer. Where is the uplifting?

Loved your first paragraph and the "scooching" drew me right in!
A happy ending, and what a great message for today. Thank you.
I enjoyed this very much--hummed the same tune;-)
It can be a challenge to find something on TV. Great ending.
Our best source of news still good for today, tomorrow and all eternity!
I feel this way so much of the time. Kindred spirits. Love the entry.