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How hearbreaking is that? If it's based on a true story, it's even more heartbreaking.
Tough childhood, but hope comes from her father. Thank you.
And through trajedy, hope endures.

Tough story to read, but our lives this side of heaven isn's exactly a bed of roses, is it?

It's hope that carries us through, esp, hope for glory.

In every life there is a story and if this is your story, I hope you're writing it all down, esp., those events which happened after that phone call.
Such a sad story but, unfortunately, all too true. I could feel the despondency in your mc. I'm glad for the glimmer of hope at the end of the story.
My eyes are tearing up as I read this I'm praying it's not a true story but my gut tells me it is. My heart hurts for the MC and the countless children out there like her who don't have anyone to call. Your story really touched my heart and makes me want to go wake up my kids just to tell them how much I love them.