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Very cute and entertaining. A good lesson, for auction-going, and all venues of should be mindfull of their body language, or you may be sending out unintended messages.
How clever and how funny! I couldn't stop laughing. Very well done indeed.
Thanks fpr pointing out the perils of attending auctions. Great twist on how even involuntary movements all spell "dollars" to predatory agents, with good dollop of humor tossed in.
His was cute. As a child I was dragged to auctions all the time so I had a feeling where you were going. But it was nice to remember how my dad could buy a treasure with barely a blink of his eye.
What fun! I love the title. Great choice for this prompt.
Funny account of an auction experience. I am a retired livestock and farm auction manager and fortunately there are a few sale's safeguards built in between autioneers and buyers. But it has been known for there to be accidents like your MC created. Thanks - I enjoy your writing.
Ha. Very funny. Very enjoyable. Super descriptions. I thought this was great. The husbands attitude seemed to be generous, I believe I might have behaved different:)
You should write more poems.
I enjoyed the story. I have been to one or two auctions and literally sat on my hands to prevent myself buying things I don't need.

Using the structure of a free verse poem made it easier to read.

Your humor really shines through this one. I could see this happening in some comedy movie. :)

I think that writing it in prose rather than poem form may have added to this story. But that's just me.

All in all, this was a very clever piece. Very fun!
Congratulations for placing 13th in your level!
Congratulations for placing 13th in your level!