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Your story left me with wanting to read more about these two and how Faith decides to resolve the situation she's in. You show how communication breaks down when we fail to seek the right Source. Great writing.
Your descriptions were great. I could taste the peppermint. Good job portraying the fear and struggle of reporting abuse. Keep writing.
I enjoyed your interesting story. I suppose we've all made the mistake of seeking God last instead of first.
Very good. Loved the interaction between the two and the message of the story. I love to ice skate and eat peppermint. You earn big points from me:)
I like the way you lead your story from something ordinary to what's bugging Faith. Too many of us these days are just too techie to remember how to pray without getting all wired up. Your story reminds me of an image I saw on the web sometime ago about the best way to get connected with God is to go wireless. Enjoyed the read thoroughly and excellent writing!
This is a nice story. I liked how you left it open ended. It'll give each person who reads it a chance to think about what she would do if put in Faith's shoes. Nice job.
Congratulations for placing in the top 15 of your level!