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Member Comments
Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing a lovely poem that's true in both rhyme and meter! This is just gorgeous. I had never hear of "hosta" before--I had to look it up--so I wonder if you might draw in more readers to read your whole poem if you chose a more familiar plant to them. But on the other hand, I also like the alliteration of the phrase "hosta haven." It's your call! Again, wonderful job!
Oh this really flows so well! Very smooth, and as someone who loves to find a quiet space in green solitude to pray and commune with our Lord, this resonates with me. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. God bless.
A lovely presentation of your "Hosta Haven", connecting you to heaven.
Very tight.. very well constructed. Nearly perfect. Excellent work.
Oops, bumped a button to soon, sorry. Anyway, this was an excellent poem. You definitely deserve the promotion to advanced! Great job!
A serene poem, beautifully written in every way.
Perhaps the hosta is more common in NZ for I too know what it is - even if I've never grown one. Agree with others' comments. Loved the way the flower imagery flowed throughout the piece - not just when you mentioned your hosta haven. Well done and beautiful work.
What a beautiful picture - well done!
I know what hostas are - we have them in Canada. This is a beautifully crafted poem. I love the line, "trust faith instead of sight". Great work!
Sweet poetry flows from your pen, Ms. Owen! Wonderful work!
Did I say I loved poetry? This one is wonderful! Everyone should have a sanctuary where only thee and the Almighty dwell.
You're talent is showing! :) Loved it! Just beautiful!
Nice idea. Beautifully written. The fourth stanza is my favorite.
Made me want to vist your haven :)
Two words: Simply beautiful. Outstanding piece of poetry, with perfect rhyme and meter. I agree - you have an obvious gift for poetry. Awesome!
Blessings, Lynda
Wonderful poem! Just beautiful! And I love Hostas! So simple and beautiful! I could picture your place well and sensed the tranquility.
This is a gift for us, thank you. Beautifully done.
Beautiful! I didn't know what a hosta was either, but I did like tha aliteration. :-) I loved the poem.
Beautiful. My favorite line: "Blossom in the Wind of His sweet Holy Spirit." This poem is "a fragrant rose for Him." It has such a lovely melody. It's a true blessing to read.
Linda, I also echo Jan's comment. I adored your poem. It was a winner in my eyes (but of course, it doesn't rest solely on me). Your poetry is a constant blessing.

Love always, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)