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Captivating. I rolled through the piece quickly, wanting to get to the next line. Very well done, almost too good of a job done attaching me to the characters. They are a sweet, good-humored couple. I have a stong desire to look them up on FaceBook. What are they doing now? Did hubby ever make it to his checkup?
lovely :-) and i agree a lovely couple and i want to know the next chapter too :-)
Oh wow, "a growth in the abdomen." That terrific line needed to be followed by a "pregnant" pause!
Great humour to close with, in a totally cr"edible" (note about the food cravings that were subtle pointers to what was coming) story.
Delightful, although I began to think your MC ws a bit neurotic, the more I read. But those were the pregnancy hormones at work, I see! Cute story. I truly did not see what was coming, so it was a nice surprise. Great job!
oh man... you had me holding my breath for her! :) What an ending.. (totally unexpected).. Compelling writing! You made me smile!