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The FaithWriters Writing Challenge and contest for Christian Writers!
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Member Comments
I sure can identify with you here ... my garden consists of two potted plants. What a relief that the master gardener cares of us. A lovely poem.
A charming poem with a precious message!
A dear little poem conveying the most timeless knowledge of all. Loved the parallel between your own gardening efforts and that of our 'Master Gardner'. God bless.
Had to smile at your self-description. I can relate.
Very nice!
Had me smiling, too. Neat, whimsical poem. Well done.
Well done, with gentle humor. I liked this a lot!
I love poetry, and I love this! Great job, Anita!!
Lovely, sweet poem! :)
Wow! Nice imagery. Isn't it good that God prunes and polishes us better than we ever could ourselves? We'll all stand side by side one day in His glorious garden!
Nicely written. Your idea is well expressed.
Very nicely done...concise beautiful analogy between our feeble efforts at living a Christian life and His "pruning" and "planting" to help us be more like Him and less like ourselves!
Boy can I relate! Not only with what is facing me outside in my yard but inside my heart! I'm so glad you conveyed the tenderness of God as The Master Gardener because I fear we are far more ruthless when it comes to weeds and pruning. Great message with much tenderness.
Very nice job. I am so loving this poetry today! Refreshing!
Anita, I loved your first paragraph. It reminded me of the vegatable garden I planted a couple summers ago (1st & only attempt). As the first green started showing up I had no idea if I should pull it or if I planted it. I was glad I kept the seed packages to refer back to the pictures. lol

I also loved the line about turning your face to the radiant Son. This poem both works on a light hearted level and much deeper. Great job!
Nice! Starts with light heartedness and becomes very deep. I really like it!
Well done. Good message wrapped in humour. Keep writing.
Anita, this was a sweetie of a poem - I loved it! Be encouraged - you ranked 23rd out of 145 entries. So keep doing what you're doing - you're heading in the right direction. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)