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Haven't read a good real estate mystery in ... why never. This was my first. I enjoyed the story and the wisdom. I hope the Mrs. gets to feeling better, they find some land in Maine and would like to hear what they told their friend about the "offer". Very good story.
Good lessons here - pray before acting; if something's too good to be true, it probably is; and not all Christians are honest. Nice story.
Oh, sneaky, that man... Glad they figured it out before it was too late!

You have one misplaced question mark towards the middle. "I donít know Duncan well enough to know what to think?" is s statement, so it needs a period.

Great job on this one, and very creative!
I enjoyed this. You really had me going, I couldn't wait to find out what happened. Buying sight unseen? Not a good idea. Great writing.
Thanks for sharing this interesting take on the topic. The Lord protects us, if we allow HIM.
This shows how important it is to read the small print. Your story kept me in suspense and was a fun read. I wasa bit confused about Linda wanting to live where the cedars don't grow I thought cedars grew in Maine too. But now I'm going to google it. I love it when an article makes me think and lean new things.
I learned that the bigger cedars grow in the Southern states, but the smaller ones do grow in the Northeast Like I said, thanks for making me think, think, and I'll assume literary license makes the MC allergic to the big cedars!:)
Very interesting - good lesson of not rushing in where angels fear to tread!
Great job!
I wanted to scream, "Don't sign it!" Thanks for rescuing the couple! You had me totally engaged in your story, and I enjoyed each new piece of revealed information as your story unfolded. And as I read your ending -- I could breathe again. :) ...very creative work for the topic.
So true... something that looks too good to be true often is. Very clever solution to the mystery! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story about looking very carefully before you leap. (And Texas really isn't so bad... even with the pollen! :)
I grew up with a weeklong exile from outdoor air because of the pollen. Great mystery, fun story.
excuse me a minute :honks into a tissue and rubs her itchy watery eye: okay, I'm back. I liked this. I loved the story- the big "mystery" and learning about a new term- and really loved the play back and forth between your characters. Loved the superman mug & the wait- need coffee, too.

just great. really. thumbs up.
This is an excellent story--the allergy details adding to the realism. I was really hoping he wouldn't sign. Glad you didn't let me down!
Apt tile for your story line. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and the underlying message rings true to so many things in life that look "too good to be true."