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Member Comments
This was a fun twist on the old story. Good thing Grandma didn't stipulate marriage! I really enjoyed every klutzy minute and giggled often while I read.
A delightful fun read. The ending caught me by surprise. Well done.
What a cute twist! Fun story.
I agree. The twist at the end took me by surprise. Well done.
I like this light hearted story. Could be a slot drawn from a comedy film. Thanks for the enjoyment - just needed a bag of popcorn!!
Very cute story:) Nice job. You made me smile big.
Dogged persistence pays off, especially when grandma's will gives her such a "ruff" deal! A good fun read, with a great twist at the end.
As I read, I thought it would be a trite, predictable romance with a highly unrealistic premise: love within 24 hours. Your ending relieved my concerns. Nice little surprise twist! Well done!
This is so cute. I'm smiling ear to ear. I think the Hallmark Movie Channel could use material like this. Well done and congratulations on your placement. Loren
Very nice! Made me smile throughout. Loved Charity. The ending was totally unexpected. Congratulations on your placing!