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I really like the premise of your article. I think a lot of women at church could relate to the MC, having been in her shoes before. Although I think real favoritism happens at church, I like that you had the twist at the end that focused on the MC's insecurities keeping her from seeing things as they really are. I think you made the point very well.
Very interesting piece. Nicely readable and I really liked some of your word choices. Thanks so much for sharing!
I like your nice freaky Friday take on the topic. I think we've all wondered what it mould be like to be someone else.
A good premise for a story and you told it well. I'm glad you're back, too.
OOooo, this has Twilight Zone episode written all over it. Very good! I love this idea:)
Awesome! It's always fun to take a walk in someone else's shoes and a look through their eyes. This is a fun reminder that God gave each of us our own talents and abilities and wants us to serve Him just the way we are.
I like the twist at the end, though I suspected as much. Your flow and great voice kept me engaged with the story. Well done.
I liked the Candid Camera suspicions. Great title too
Good story line full of intrigue with a great twist at the end.
Excellent job with both imagery and dialogue. I was engaged the whole time with the story line as it flowed so easily.
No Candid Camera, but a very Can-did MC who needs a strong dose of "Can-Do!" I love the word pictures and the honesty of the self-doubt as she grows in her appreciation of what she can become.