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Enjoyed the article which hits applies to a lot of people. The first paragraph, second sentence, has an error and too many exclamations points were used.
I liked the fast pace of this article and it was written with humour. You were certainly bang on topic with the electronic and digital everything. The pace of writing matched the age we live in!
It is the era of electronics. I too have a few that you mention, but I will admit I'm jealous a tad Over your Select comfort bed. That's on my list!
this is funny but the title is confusing. what is the dilema?
Your story made me laugh so hard. My brother and brother-in-law also buy all the new gadgets. I am like your sister who is just learning to live in the electronics age.
Very enjoyable article that gave me a good chuckle. Especially since I am a member of the baby boomer generation, flirting with being a senior, and have at least as many digital gadgets as you. Ain't it grand! :)
Why digital us all this? but seriously, an enjoyable stroll through the proliferation of our brave new world. Thanks.
What a hoot. Funny to the max. I'm just the opposite of this and am "digital handicapped." I had a roommate at a woman's retreat last year who brought all those gadgets you mentioned. Her gadget suitcase was bigger than her clothing suitcase. Thanks for a good laught.