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Wow. You caught and held my attention with this. Very thought provoking and very unique, creative, and sad, but with a positive ending. I liked it. Hope it does well.
This touched me in so many ways. As a parent it made me realize how important it is to be careful what I say to my kids. They so want to please us. Great message on many levels. Several people will read this and each could take a different important message from it. That's good writing.
Wow, this brought goose bumps. Amazing how are parents treat us carries into old age. Well done.
Yes, goose bumps, and a very rapid heartbeat. Loved it.
Wow - this is heavy stuff. But realism can be that way, and you made it real. Great writing.
A great message. I guest preached recently on the importance of living well and dying well but I could tell that the congregation wasn't too thrilled with my message. They didn't want to hear about death; they only wanted positive affirmations about faith. Yet, as your story powerfully portrays, death need hold no fear to those who love Jesus. Let's show the world how very different the children of God are! Vert well done.
I wonder if, in heaven, the father watched his daughter's struggle and wished he could live his life over and not call her "boy".
Now that we've thrown our hinting bricks I'm going to comment on my story (something I don't normally do). There are five girls in our family and the youngest is nicknamed "Boy" because my stepfather so desperately wanted a boy. Sara has been able to come to terms with the nickname because she knows her dad loved her very much. But it did get me to thinking about why he did really is the end of his earthly legacy when his daughters die; thus, the premise for this story. The good news is he was saved shortly before he died and my sister is also a Christian so his legacy will live for eternity. :)
this was a gripping piece of writing and told so well. i have come in late enough with my comments to get your foot note. how hard for someone to feel they are a disappointment.i am glad she found peace. Often it is the surviving relatives that dont want to "let an elderly person go" it was interesting the way you turned this on its head.
What a heart-wrenching story. Excellent voice throughout - held my focus completely.
I love your portrayal of the scope of Yvette's thinking, and her struggle to connect with all those around her. And the close was so gentle.
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 3!